Why mental health research matters

Why does mental health research matter to you? Cartoon of people painting, on their ipads and having conversations


Tell us why mental health research matters to you. Join the conversation and share your photo or video on the hashtag #MentalHealthResearchMatters.

In the last few years, a positive change has occurred in how people talk about mental health. We’ve come a long way in reducing the stigma around mental health problems, but still so many don’t think of research as part of the solution. That’s where you come in.

We want you to take your social media channels and share why mental health research matters to you. Whether you use Facebook, Tweet, Instagram or  Tiktok, tell your friends why mental health research matters, and tag them to join in too.

You can either record a short video to share on your social media, or print and write a message on a Mental Health Research Matters sign

      mental health research matters to me because... sign

How to get involved

1. Print a MentalHealthResearchMatters sign 

Choose from ‘Mental Health Research Matters because’ if you want to talk about the topic more generally or ‘Mental Health Research Matters to me’ if you want to share a more personal reason why you care about mental health research. Or do both!

If you don’t have a printer, that’s fine. Grab a piece of paper and a pen.

 2. Write your message or think about what you want to say

Keep it short and sweet, and write in a larger font so others can read your message on the photo.

3. Snap a photo or record your short video message

Aim for good light – outside in daylight, or facing a window works well.

If you are recording a message, start with ‘mental health research matters to me because..’ and aim to start with a short simple sentence. Then add more detail if you like. We’d like to create a video with some of our favourite video submissions, and ones that are short and to the point will be easier to stitch together. We won’t use your video without your consent, of course.

Landscape or portrait? Choose whatever works best for the social media channel you’re posting on!

Camera shy? Why not make your pet model, or take a photo of something you see on a walk? You can use the caption and the hashtag #MentalHealthResearchMatter to share why this is important to you.

4. Post to your preferred social media channel, using the hashtag #MentalHealthResearchMatters from the 10th of October.

We’re launching the campaign on 10th October – World Mental Health Day, through until the end of November – so get posting! If you’re not on social media, but would still like to get involved, email us with your picture, and we can share it from the McPin or Mental Elf accounts.

5. Tag your friends to get involved too! The more people who get involved the better! We want to hear your story and why this is important to you.