Our Vision

To amplify the work of the eight mental health networks and to encourage a step-change in the mental health research landscape in the UK. Working with the networks & others (e.g., the Wellcome Trust, MQ, The Royal Foundation, Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders) our vision is to see a vibrant field of mental health research that is more:

  • CollaborativeMultiple perspectives utilized to inform a 360 degree understanding of mental health and treatment approaches.
  • DiverseResearch workforce & study volunteers reflecting the populations they represent.
  • Open – Results of research studies freely available to all who are interested.
  • Impactful – Mental Health Research making a difference to the lives of people with mental health problems.
  • Well-funded  – Access to significant funding resources for good quality mental health research.

How Will We Achieve this?

Our goal is to add value to the work of the mental health research networks by extending the reach of their audience to begin the journey towards a more collaborative, diverse, open, impactful and well-funded field of mental health research.

We will do this by:

  • Generating a national conversation – the big debate – across all media platforms around why and how #MentalHealthResearchMatters
  • Creating engaging digital content to raise awareness among the general public that Mental Health Research Matters.
  • Creating a central website highlighting why Mental Health Research Matters
  • Exploring ways to bring those in the Voluntary Sector and other community groups together with Academic Researchers and Research Funders
  • Explore ways to find career pathways for Early Career Researchers to become involved with mental health research
  • Cross-pollination of innovative ideas from across the networks drawing from a variety of perspectives and disciplines.
  • Bringing in more diverse voices and ideas into the mental health research sector from outside of the networks.
  • Working with funders to identify resources and advertise opportunities widely.