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Mental Health Research Matters campaign video

The Mental Health Research Matters campaign showcases the areas of work the 8 UKRI-funded networks are involved in. Find out more about the networks who are tackling the important questions in mental health research.

How do we improve mental health research? campaign video

Many factors affect mental health, so we need a range of solutions. As part of our #MentalHealthResearchMatters campaign, we produced this video to highlight what we believe the four key components of robust and relevant research are.


Catch up with the Mental Health Research Matters Webinars

How your mental health research can be more inclusive and tackle inequalities

A playlist of lightning talks from researchers in non-brain sciences disciplines sharing their best tips for multidisciplinary mental health research. This was part of the the multidisciplinary mental health research webinar. Please note some of these talks were not included in the final webinar due to time constraints.
A discussion with the researchers behind Time, Space, belonging and mental health. This project was funded by SMaRteN network.
Professor Helen Fisher shares her top collaboration tips for better mental health research

Goodbye to the MARCH network

In November 2021, we said goodbye to the MARCH network. MARCH network helped to transform our understanding of how cultural and community assets, such as heritage projects, the arts, parks and museums can influence mental health.

We spoke to Dr Daisy Fancourt about her highlights of the network, and her hopes for the future of mental health.

Visit the MARCH legacy website here.


How have the 8 UKRI+ funded networks responded to the pandemic?
We’re delighted to release season 1 of our Co-videos series, click the image below or use this link to take a look.

Season 1: Hear from Closing the Gap, MARCH, VAMHN and Emerging Minds. We’ll share Season 2 in early 2022 – stay tuned!

Click here to watch the Co-videos.

For more great video content from across the networks, head to their YouTube channels: