LogoThe MARCH network’s first round of funding was awarded in Autumn 2019 for sandpit events to support proposals on  social, cultural and community assets and mental health. The funded sandpits covered the following topics:

  • Engagement and Evaluation in Social Prescribing for Mental Health:  how do we know we’re helping, and helping the right people?
  • The role of social prescribing in addressing the mental well-being of people diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment
  • Digital Community Assets and Mental Health
  • Singing and mental health
  • Perspectives on frontline arts participation for those with mental health needs
  • An exploration of how assets influence decision making and outcomes of Mental Health Tribunals/Managers’ hearings (AID-Mental Health)
  • Nature Connectedness
  • Archeology and Veteran Mental Health & Wellbeing

MARCH’s second round of funding closed on Sunday 31st May 2020. Projects funded will address the following research questions, prioritised by members in an agenda setting exercise:

  • What are the core skills and knowledge required by community practitioners and organisations to co-design and deliver suitable and effective programmes for individuals with mental illness? 
  • What are the factors that determine the potential of a community asset or activity to be ‘sustainable’? 
  • Can community assets and activities help to prevent the onset of mental illness? What are the effects of community assets and activities on individuals with mental illness?

All applications required an early career researcher (ECR) to be either principal investigator or a co-investigator and required involvement of individuals with lived experience. The outcomes of this call will be announced soon.

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