Open Science: Funding partnerships for registered reports

Wrapping up our Open Science presentations was Katie Drax.

Katie rounded off our talks with a summary of her qualitative research into funding partnerships for registered reports. Her talk was a powerful example of how transferable “open science” practices can be to qualitative research – this would be particularly relevant to the plus-fund projects.

Katie reflected on how this was her first foray into qualitative research and so she naturally brought her approach to openness into the study from the very beginning. She candidly shared that it was not necessarily easy to build openness into qualitative work, but much more can be done when researchers consider this from the onset of a project. A key take-home was the recollection of the process Katie took to deciding what could be shared and how the team plans to enact this. 

We opened the talks – and Katie wonderfully concluded with the same sentiment – that researchers should ‘do what works for you’. Selecting the practice (e.g. sharing materials, protocols, or data) that fits best in your project helps move research towards more transparency, helps others, and reduces research waste.

Figure: From #bropenscience is broken science (Kirstie Whitaker and Olivia Guest). – “The open scholarship umbrella showing some of the many facets of open academic work, based on a figure by Danielle Robinson and Robin Champieux (Robinson, 2018).”