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Longitudinal Studies e-Workshop

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As part of the SMARTEN network’s ongoing work to support the national development of an open access shared data set capturing longitudinal data for student mental health, they have launched their first in a series of virtual events to support discussion between researchers involved in longitudinal studies.

This webinar, led by Dr Emma Broglia, will cover the following discussion themes.

  1. How to identify and engage assistance with recruitment across your university, including how to get students into the study before they arrive at university
  2. Selecting the mental health measures to include in the study. We are keen to explore the existing overlap between studies and any opportunity to increase this.
  3. The other data – collecting demographic information effectively to link with institutional data.
  4. Ethics and student consent to access and link with institutional data
  5. Optimizing your response rate and when to follow-up
  6. The big picture: what is the point of collecting this data and how can we maximise the impact of these datasets.

This event if open to researchers who are currently running longitudinal studies or are in the process of setting up a longitudinal study.

If you would like to attend the workshop day, please contact Emma Broglia (e.l.broglia@sheffield.ac.uk)

Date: 30th June 2020
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