What is the impact of covid-19 on doctoral students and early career researchers in the UK? New research by SMaRteN in partnership with Vitae.

SMaRteN, the UKRI funded student mental health research network has partnered with Vitae, a non-profit programme supporting the professional development of researchers, to better understand how the national lock down in response to COVID-19 has influenced the experience and mental wellbeing of doctoral and early career researchers.

All doctoral and early career researchers usually resident in the UK or currently working / studying in UK are welcome to participate by completing a ~25-minute anonymous online survey. The survey will cover your experience as a researcher and the impact of COVID-19 on your research, your relationship with your university, living arrangements, mental health and wellbeing. The survey will be open from Thursday 16th April – Sunday 3rd May.

“Our aim is to provide insights to enable the sector to better support early career researchers.” 

Following the closure of the survey, SMaRteN will release anonymised data, enabling researchers and interested stakeholders to engage with analysis. Universities where the sample response size is large enough to ensure anonymity of respondents, may have access to their universities data. Vitae will release a summary of findings, analysed by their team, for university policy makers and funders.

The results of the survey will be summarised in a report to be shared with universities and research funders with the objective of guiding their longer term response to supporting researchers through and following the pandemic.

Visit the study website to find out more or take part.


Study website


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